physicist looks at our city as equation – we use 11,000 watts..

hunter and gatherer 250 watts, great article in the times via @r.otten love thinking about the city’s infrastructure and an urban metabolism..


blog tracking design for a social conscience

a topic dear to my heart, by maria popova on brainpicker, link here

i love this: infoladies of bangladesh

the infoladies ride by bike from village to village, bringing with them a netbook & mobile phone, they set up info booths in the village helping people find answers to their questions, from crop problems to health questions to hygiene issues… brilliant!  article on boingboing

maersk cuts fuel costs by 30%

by slowing down.  by cutting their top cruising speed in half and not pandering to the rush, rush, rush of the world’s market.  also mentioned in the nytimes article is the ability for planes to do the same, cut could back their speed by 10% to reduce emissions which would only add five or so minutes on a flight from nyc to boston…perhaps all of the world’s rushing will help to highlight the need to slow, just as bush’s time in office helped show the importance of not destroying the environment

fun to take the stairs

in a competition sponored by volkswagen, the, a group in odenplan, stockholm turned the subway stairs next to an escalator into working piano keys, in turn 66% more people used  the stairs, link on youtube.  i like this because it plays with our everyday environment, by adding a fun surprise to the typically robot-like motion of subway time.  i wonder what people thought about after they left the stairs.

wishing i’d known about the competition!  bottle arcade & bottomless trashcan are great too.

“crude world” new book by peter maass

studying the impact of oil on countries around the world, either those that possess it or purchase it, link to peter maass’ site