A life treat to see the Dalai Lama speak in New Orleans yesterday

Yesterday I bicycled over to UNO with dear friends to hear the Dalai Lama speak. Points discussed were: Compassion, connection, equality, fairness, gratitude, peace, hope, unpretentiousness, appreciation, enjoyment, & laughing. I wish that the Dalai Lama could be global president.

Dalai Lama

He spoke often of dealing with things in life with a calm center, his analogy was like the sea – the waves on the top can be turbulent, but down below there is always calm. Also of not creating expectations, which lead to disappointment. I have tried to eliminate expectations over the years and have found to be so much happier without them.

One of the questions from citizens of New Orleans at the end of the talk asked, ‘Do you have doubt and how do you deal with it?’ His reply involved looking at problems from many perspectives, preparing yourself mentally for problems that will arise, and keeping your calm center. If your mind is at peace you can best consider varied perspectives.

He also laughed frequently during the talk, filled with such true joy and appreciation. So humble and wishing to be treated like a human, as we all are together he reinstated multiple times, we are people. Everyone one of us around the world is born from a mother and will one day die, no one is better than another. And that this should extend to all parts of the world, animals and the earth treated with respect.

Another great question from New Orleans was, “In a world with so many troubles, how do you remain an optimist?’ He replied, ‘There is no other choice.’

Thank you Dalai Lama for a wonderful gift, I hope that all of our world leaders will be more like you.


I am in love with this.. the individual sounds of plants and trees

I have some new favorite words to go along with my current fave ‘social entrepreneurship’ [which I learned upon meeting social entrepreneurship students at Tulane during my first visit to New Orleans]: ‘soundscape ecology’ ‘acoustic ecology‘ & ‘acoustic geology’


“So, add the sounds of plants, molds, and root networks, of soil itself and groundwater, of shifts in air pressure and humidity and even the underlying deep geologic structures that support all that living terrain in the first place, and an intensely interesting sonic portrait of terrestrial ecosystems takes shape, mutating through complex blurs and inflection points over time, its parts weaving in and out symphonically.”

Thinking about all of the sounds of plants and trees and dirt underneath all of the manmade swirl is so very comforting. To core sample these sounds which are completely specific per location.. pardon me while I go daydream, I have a new idea crush.

Desk Set – I’d rather call the reference room..

and give up google any day, simply for the sweet charm of it. For real. At the beginning of the film, the ‘Reference Room’ looks so cozy, I want to snuggle up in there for days and wish for rain, pouring through the delicious stockpiles of invigorating information! If you haven’t seen it, do! It’s my new fave – just watched it while making birds and I got that high after seeing a great movie, it left me with a smile on my face and if you have netflix – it’s on ‘watch instant’! Desk Set! It’s up there with ‘It happened one night’ in my book and the massive computer spazzing out is pretty cute too. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy are totally endearing.

physicist looks at our city as equation – we use 11,000 watts..

hunter and gatherer 250 watts, great article in the times via @r.otten love thinking about the city’s infrastructure and an urban metabolism..

gandhiwarmer in DC!

Still feeling warm from this past Sunday!! It was another heartwarming success, hooray dear amigas of K1-D2! : ] See more pics and info here at www.gandhiwarmer.wordpress.com.  We also got a great write-up in NBC Washington, thank you! : ]

blankets for glaciers

in italy the most threatened glaciers [by global warming] are being covered in an insulated fabric to keep them from melting in the summertime.  this has proven to work tremendously – in previous uses the covered portions retained 60% whereas uncovered areas lost up to five feet.

i am attracted to giving human needs to non-humans and love the idea of making a blankie for a glacier. [and it being useful]  photo © SNappa2006 flickr

study on importance of time spent in nature

saw this on the planet green [one of my new cable stations btw, watch the british show, rich, fabulous & homeless] website.  the study tested people looking at technologically reproduced nature [tv] and actual time in real, live nature.  those watching nature on tv had the same heartrate as those staring at a blank wall, ha!  those that spent even 5 minutes in a city park felt the vital benefits. link here.

for your blank wall-like viewing pleasure, photo © by moi, new mexico enchanted forest