humans driving next big extinction on earth…

says article by juliette jowit in the guardian, conservation experts say we are in the grips of the 6th great extinction process on our planet, that we are extincting species faster than new ones can develop. whoa, wow, hello, smelling the coffee, hoping those w/ the big blinders on will too.


earthquake in chile

altered the earth’s axis and shortened the day, states national geographic! wow, incredible!  also, an article about the quake in the times, describing how the underwater quake created a gash 400 miles long [rva to nyc is 350]

link to architecture for humanity’s site for rebuilding in chile, hopefully no new disasters soon..

some touching images here on flickr

maersk cuts fuel costs by 30%

by slowing down.  by cutting their top cruising speed in half and not pandering to the rush, rush, rush of the world’s market.  also mentioned in the nytimes article is the ability for planes to do the same, cut could back their speed by 10% to reduce emissions which would only add five or so minutes on a flight from nyc to boston…perhaps all of the world’s rushing will help to highlight the need to slow, just as bush’s time in office helped show the importance of not destroying the environment

wow, the fat lady sang

a poignant article by the admirable thomas l. friedman in the ny times about how the very things that gov’t is supposed to be about – public service- are getting trimmed or billed to us, the people who need them, who are already paying the people to do them.  it’s time for a do-over in my humble opinion.

perhaps why the dutch have such a sense of humor..

and often lighthearted view on life…most of the netherlands is under sea level & are so close to the fact that life/things in life are everchanging & temporary!  interesting interview in metropolis with a civil engineer, Jan D. de Jager, also an expert on dikes and dams. he also gives a brief history on dike building/ waterboards… my dutch roots draw me in!

i love this, by caleb larsen, a tool to deceive and slaughter

link to the current ebay auction and to caleb’s site. the black box sells itself to a new owner constantly, once the new auction has been completed, the current owner is required to send along to the new owner, etc. etc. :]

image © caleb larsen 2010


was a wonderful success and some magical warming moments!

sitar player gian carlo really made the event shine and feel right, my dear friends from richmond and fellow members of knit group made the pilgrimage up with me, so honored!  my dear nyc friends came to participate in the warming, thank you so errybody! photography and filming by nikki price, holly brown, meg mingione, and mark crosby. link to project’s blog