I am in love with this.. the individual sounds of plants and trees

I have some new favorite words to go along with my current fave ‘social entrepreneurship’ [which I learned upon meeting social entrepreneurship students at Tulane during my first visit to New Orleans]: ‘soundscape ecology’ ‘acoustic ecology‘ & ‘acoustic geology’


“So, add the sounds of plants, molds, and root networks, of soil itself and groundwater, of shifts in air pressure and humidity and even the underlying deep geologic structures that support all that living terrain in the first place, and an intensely interesting sonic portrait of terrestrial ecosystems takes shape, mutating through complex blurs and inflection points over time, its parts weaving in and out symphonically.”

Thinking about all of the sounds of plants and trees and dirt underneath all of the manmade swirl is so very comforting. To core sample these sounds which are completely specific per location.. pardon me while I go daydream, I have a new idea crush.


Desk Set – I’d rather call the reference room..

and give up google any day, simply for the sweet charm of it. For real. At the beginning of the film, the ‘Reference Room’ looks so cozy, I want to snuggle up in there for days and wish for rain, pouring through the delicious stockpiles of invigorating information! If you haven’t seen it, do! It’s my new fave – just watched it while making birds and I got that high after seeing a great movie, it left me with a smile on my face and if you have netflix – it’s on ‘watch instant’! Desk Set! It’s up there with ‘It happened one night’ in my book and the massive computer spazzing out is pretty cute too. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy are totally endearing.

lemons transformed into fun, healing lemonade

a wonderful story and great ignite video about jane the concussion slayer & the game SuperBetter which Jane McGonigal invented in order to recover from a serious concussion.  the game is now being used around the world for a variety of treatments including asthma, cancer, and social anxiety, inspiring!!

study on importance of time spent in nature

saw this on the planet green [one of my new cable stations btw, watch the british show, rich, fabulous & homeless] website.  the study tested people looking at technologically reproduced nature [tv] and actual time in real, live nature.  those watching nature on tv had the same heartrate as those staring at a blank wall, ha!  those that spent even 5 minutes in a city park felt the vital benefits. link here.

for your blank wall-like viewing pleasure, photo © by moi, new mexico enchanted forest

sniff, sniff, touching and eye-opening story about chicago’s new program aiding high school students

not only to graduate from high school, but to stay alive.  article in ny times by susan saulny.  students are paired with an advocate to call on for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round – 258 students were shot in chicago last year.  currently there are 210 students enrolled in the program, it has been so successful that it will be expanded to 1500 students next year.  thank you advocates and students in this great new program!

found this image by a Chicago ER Doc on flickr while looking for a relevant blog image http://flic.kr/p/smsEV

i love this: infoladies of bangladesh

the infoladies ride by bike from village to village, bringing with them a netbook & mobile phone, they set up info booths in the village helping people find answers to their questions, from crop problems to health questions to hygiene issues… brilliant!  article on boingboing

leica tour

from wired magazine, article by matthew schechmeister.  a glimpse behind the scenes at leica and a few details on their lens polishing techniques which as the ceo, rudi spiller is quoted for saying “Our precision. Is. Perfect.”

caption from one of the lens polishing images: ‘Leica lenses are polished to a tolerance of around 1/2,000th of a millimeter, about a thousand times thinner than a human hair.'”

as seen in the image below- one of the later quality inspections, a uniform pattern is projected through the new lens onto the wall which is tested by eye to see if the images are correctly sharp, supposedly if you relax your eyes and look “through” the pattern you will see a sailboat.  i love that, seems so german.

looks like a wonderful tour & ooooooh M9!! image copyright wired magazine & jock fistick

hooray for remade USA!!

shannon south [friend and fellow pratter] is working so hard & w/ such great success!! she upcycles leather jackets to become bags & clutches her interview here in greenbydesign & her site, remade USA. i appreciate and am inspired by her commitment to sustainability.  kickass kudos to shannon!!