I am in love with this.. the individual sounds of plants and trees

I have some new favorite words to go along with my current fave ‘social entrepreneurship’ [which I learned upon meeting social entrepreneurship students at Tulane during my first visit to New Orleans]: ‘soundscape ecology’ ‘acoustic ecology‘ & ‘acoustic geology’


“So, add the sounds of plants, molds, and root networks, of soil itself and groundwater, of shifts in air pressure and humidity and even the underlying deep geologic structures that support all that living terrain in the first place, and an intensely interesting sonic portrait of terrestrial ecosystems takes shape, mutating through complex blurs and inflection points over time, its parts weaving in and out symphonically.”

Thinking about all of the sounds of plants and trees and dirt underneath all of the manmade swirl is so very comforting. To core sample these sounds which are completely specific per location.. pardon me while I go daydream, I have a new idea crush.


physicist looks at our city as equation – we use 11,000 watts..

hunter and gatherer 250 watts, great article in the times via @r.otten love thinking about the city’s infrastructure and an urban metabolism..

lemons transformed into fun, healing lemonade

a wonderful story and great ignite video about jane the concussion slayer & the game SuperBetter which Jane McGonigal invented in order to recover from a serious concussion.  the game is now being used around the world for a variety of treatments including asthma, cancer, and social anxiety, inspiring!!

blankets for glaciers

in italy the most threatened glaciers [by global warming] are being covered in an insulated fabric to keep them from melting in the summertime.  this has proven to work tremendously – in previous uses the covered portions retained 60% whereas uncovered areas lost up to five feet.

i am attracted to giving human needs to non-humans and love the idea of making a blankie for a glacier. [and it being useful]  photo © SNappa2006 flickr

i love this too: modular vertical garden tiles eat pollution!

‘Lifewall’ tile developed by spanish company Ceracasa supports vertically growing plants.  Developed by architect Emilio Llobat of Maqla Architects, Azahar Energy and Ceracasa, the tile works in conjuntion w/ Biotile, which absorbs pollution from the air and changes it to fertilizer for the plants growing in the Lifewall, GENIUS!!  I saw it on treehugger. image copyright Ceracasa

i love this: infoladies of bangladesh

the infoladies ride by bike from village to village, bringing with them a netbook & mobile phone, they set up info booths in the village helping people find answers to their questions, from crop problems to health questions to hygiene issues… brilliant!  article on boingboing

“if something is wasted, it is underpriced”

quote from a reader’s comment on treehugger’s article about the session in L.A. “Water: The Past, Present, and Future of our Most Precious Resource”  where the issue of water usage past, present, and future in L.A. was discussed.  The discussion included re-vitalizing L.A.’s rivers [concrete beauties of muscle car chase scenes on the big and little screens], capturing rain water, not wasting tap water, and nature found in L.A. along the riverbanks [:!]. The latter topic bringing up the following book which I CANNOT WAIT TO READ!!!! “Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America”

image © by http://www.flickr.com/photos/javan/2694422029/