leica tour

from wired magazine, article by matthew schechmeister.  a glimpse behind the scenes at leica and a few details on their lens polishing techniques which as the ceo, rudi spiller is quoted for saying “Our precision. Is. Perfect.”

caption from one of the lens polishing images: ‘Leica lenses are polished to a tolerance of around 1/2,000th of a millimeter, about a thousand times thinner than a human hair.'”

as seen in the image below- one of the later quality inspections, a uniform pattern is projected through the new lens onto the wall which is tested by eye to see if the images are correctly sharp, supposedly if you relax your eyes and look “through” the pattern you will see a sailboat.  i love that, seems so german.

looks like a wonderful tour & ooooooh M9!! image copyright wired magazine & jock fistick


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