wasn’t this on 30 rock? tracy morgan’s version of the forman grill where two burgers replaced the bread…buns are so pesky! [was there a third burger in between?]

interesting that this is being tested in rhode island and nebraska, would love to see the consumer research numbers behind those locales!!

huff post link & fox news video to kfc’s test sandwich “double down” which replaces bread w/ two pieces of chicken, it’s about 2000 calories, when will the UN start fining people for gluttony & over-use taxes when other parts of the world are out of food & water & certain other countries are…see below.  i mean i tried some cheese whiz on potato chips last night, disgusting in an only in the u.s.a. kind of way, admittedly it was good, but this should not be sold en masse as “fast food”!  is the u.s. becoming one giant theme park?

Picture 1


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