bummer… every little thing counts

link to planet green’s article on how tropical fruits [mangos, bananas,], coffee, tea, & nuts have quite the carbon footprint..when will the star trek transporter be real? could there be a barge in the middle of the ocean that would be a meeting point so it wouldn’t have to go as far?  could birds be trained to transport fruit and coffee beans! each house could have their own transporter pigeon, albatross, flying solar powered robot, etc….

“My calculations are based on the premise that the average American would need to reduce their carbon footprint from the current average of 20 tons per year to 4 tons per year just to be in line with the rest of the world. Experts say that 3 tons is the level needed for us to begin to reverse global climate change. So by dividing the individual carbon used for each item by 3 tons we come up with the percentage that your favorite tropical foods use based on your 3 ton goal allotment. After all staying the same will do nothing to reverse global climate change, drastic reductions must be made. Some tropical foods travel farther than others and hence have a larger impact on the planet. Know the facts before you indulge so that you can make an informed decision.”

oh banana, oh mango..

oh banana, oh mango..


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