“Why Does the Best Design of 2009 Still Look Like 2000?”

industry is slow to change, article in fast company by valerie casey on how design really hasn’t changed that much, quite refreshing i thought!!

the manufacturing industry is typically so fearful of change, newness, etc. some of that of course understandibly so because of tooling costs, etc.  on the other hand however, new tooling is being created everyday by the zillions, so it might as well go to creating something meaningful and important enough to bring to reality.

i appreciate valerie casey’s point, or how i interpreted her point- that many final decisions are created by old/emotional/societal information instead of interpreting and using the new information at hand to create new decisions.  i think that the u.s. aesthetic is mostly stuck.  it’s amazing how little it has moved, the average american design sense is incredibly safe and conservative..puritanical even?  the way we build and decorate our homes has not shifted far from the industrial revolution! insulated rooms filled w/ objects to support our lifestyles.  how much does it need to change?  i love to live in old spaces, they feel embracing, a modern space has to be very warm for me to feel comfortable and comforted living in it.  tents and buildings aren’t even that far off, anyhow, i’m drifting over into architecture…

back to product design, i think a lot of this is an aversion to new-ness is due to relying on the cheapest price & consumer market research as the deciding factor of whether a product comes to market or not.  the zillions of filed ideas, passions, and breakthoughs quietly napping away until the conservatism, cautiousness, and fear of risk have loosened.  public acceptance is a tricky thing for companies, they want to please the consumer so badly, to woo their dollars…do consumers really want the same ole thing, to be so safe?  or do they get excited about the new big thing!  i think to trust the emotions and led conversations during market research is a boring, wasteful, and un-trustworthy way to decide whether a product should go to market.  following guidelines and using safe, cautious decision-making won’t get any of us anywhere.  do we want to visit the moon or sit in wal-mart?  the world is an everchanging place and i think that we, as humans, mammals, should bring and accept this evolving and adapting reality into our society, into industry, city planning, education, ways of life, we have to roll with newness and be adaptable.

once something is too large and bricked down, it is hard for it to move nimbly, ie- a corporation, government, etc.  but perhaps that is just in the way it is organized, it is possible for re-thinking and new resolutions to occur.  afterall, that is the exciting part!  why should anyone have to churn out the same ole thing over and over again!!

gotta run, consumer research meeting to attend, haha

-ciao, tt


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